Helping Those who bring Heroes to Life

by Angelique on June 19, 2012

Illustration of Robert L. Washington III by artist Chris IvyUPDATED 2012 06 23. Updates below. Thirty years ago, Robert Washington III dreamed of writing stories for comic books. He dreamed of creating new heroes, including ones who were African-American, like him. And he was able to do this, for a while. [click to continue…]

My Saturday Evening Post - avatar with text and a photo of AngeliqueNo matter what we write, we all face the same problem: Carving out some quiet time when our loved ones will leave us the hell alone to do our thing. [click to continue…]

Tips for Aspiring Writers 07: A writing professor helps you achieve “famousity”

December 7, 2010

When I read 21 Steps to Writing Famousity by University of New Hampshire writing professor Clark Knowles, I had to share! There are many “roadmaps for writing.” This one caught my eye because it’s specifically about stories and it combines manual writing and keyboarding techniques. And it’s kind of funny!

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Tips for Aspiring Writers 06: A fiction writer’s online presence

November 17, 2010

Fiction writers often feel that they don’t need to network with others, on- or off-line. Nothing could be further from the truth! Whether you’re self-publishing or hoping to get picked up by a major publisher, you need to establish relationships with others, both in cyberspace and face-to-face.

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Whose imagination is better, your reader’s, or yours?

October 26, 2010

One of the great challenges facing any writer of fiction is describing people and places to the reader. How are the descriptions worked into the narrative? Are you going to give the reader all the important stats right off the bat, or will the reader discover the features as the story unfolds?

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Tips for Aspiring Writers 04: Written and spoken words are not interchangeable

October 14, 2010

I recently reviewed the manuscript for a inspirational book about getting out of debt. The author once aspired to be a comedian, and he used a lot of his stage material into the text. I remember hearing these routines, and they were funny on stage, but dumped straight into this book

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Tips for Aspiring Writers 03: Don’t “step” on your point; land on it!

October 4, 2010

Have you ever heard the phrase, “stepping on a line”? It refers to a type of mistake made by actors and comedians.

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Tips for Aspiring Writers 02: Learning the Language of the Era

September 28, 2010

Many science fiction and fantasy writers set their stories in environments that recall earth’s past; some stories are even set in the actual historical past. Recently several authors have asked me to review stories like these. The greatest challenge that each of these amateur authors faces is capturing the vocabulary, grammar, and most importantly,

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Tips for Aspiring Writers 01: When you’re thinking about future tech, think big!

September 28, 2010

When you’re writing a story set in the future, it’s hard to think beyond the limits of our current technology. This is essential, however, if you want your story to survive the passage of time.

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