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New Facebook Privacy Problem: How strangers can see your photos

September 17, 2012
Thumbnail image of display of michigan state and university of michigan paper plates at costco

I’m visiting my family in Michigan, and the other day I went shopping with my father. When I came across the display you see to your left, I had to take a picture and post it to Facebook.

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Don’t be a Selfish Pinner

August 27, 2012
thumbnail image of an antique french tiara with the caption This is a French tiara from the 1900s. Would you keep this info in the caption?

Some Pinterest users have sadly adopted the horrid practice of removing artist, merchant and location information from pins so their captions can be cryptically self-expressing, e.g. “blue,” or — and I hate this one with the blazing heat of a thousand suns — “yes, please.”

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How To Twitter Chat with Tweetchat — Lots of Pics!

August 20, 2012
thumbnail image of an annotated screenshot of tweetchat - original graphic by angelique of afmarcom

My favorite Twitter chat program is a free, web-based application called Tweetchat. This particular program is very popular because it’s easy to use and gives you many customization options. Here’s a quick photo tutorial for using Tweetchat.

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How to Spot the New Face of Twitter Spam

August 6, 2012
Thumbnail image of group of toy robots

Does it really matter you’re followed on Twitter by an army of bots? No, but here’s what does matter: the time you might waste thanking them for following you, adding them to lists, and checking them out to see if you want to follow them.

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Be more popular on Twitter!

July 24, 2012
thumbnail image of original graphic by angelique of afmarcom - twitter bird holding a sign with a star that says #1

What indicates Twitter success? Followers? Retweets? Conversations? On Twitter, these are elements of popularity. If you’re using Twitter to market your product or service, real success is measured in conversions — the number of people who become customers, or who bring customers to you.

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Blog Comments Don’t Matter!

July 16, 2012
Thumbnail image of angelique surrounded by thought bubbles saying why why why - original graphic by angelique/afmarcom

I’ll admit it — I’ve been frustrated because very few people ever comment on my blog posts. I’m not alone; many bloggers are concerned about this, especially because so many marketing experts believe that comments are necessary for the success of a blog.   Well, guess what?

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How to prevent the TV news from airing your Facebook posts

May 4, 2012
thumbnail version of original graphic by angelique of afmarcom tv news anchor lin sue cooney on a tv screen saying its so easy to get the story because of social media

  Just this past Wednesday, four people were murdered in Gilbert, Arizona. The local television news staff spent a good chunk of time airing biographies of the victims based solely on their Facebook profiles. The anchors expressed great satisfaction with the ease by which they were able to gather background information via social media. However, […]

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Successful Facebook Pages are Run, not Made

April 16, 2012
Successful Facebook pages are run, not made

I recently talked to an ASU business school student about a special class project. He’s part of a group that’s giving promotional advice to a local business. The business has created a Facebook page, but the page isn’t living up to its potential. The student asked me for advice about “making a professional Facebook page.”

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Pinterest and Copyright Explained in Plain Talk – Part 4: How artists can protect their work despite widespread sharing

March 25, 2012
thumbnail image of woman on couch by paige sullivan

Today’s installment of my Pinterest & Copyright series is especially for artists and graphic designers who are worried about losing control of their images. I also highly recommend this advice for artists, etailers, retailers, animal breeders and others who want to be sure that their images are not separated from their sources. (Links to the […]

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Pinterest and Copyright Explained in Plain Talk – Part 3: How YOU should behave on Pinterest

March 18, 2012
Three people with privacy bars over their eyes

In part two of this series, we talked about the reasons Pinterest is legally allowed to display the images you pin and upload, and why it needs you to give it the perpetual right to do so. I also provided a plain-talk explanation of the Pinterest Terms of Service.

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