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Here are my communities for people who have chemical sensitivity — the “canaries in the coal mine” who become ill from chemical exposure before the rest of the population. Exchange ideas with other canaries on Facebook, Pinterest, and now, Ello! I also welcome friends, families and health-care providers who are concerned about the canaries in their lives.


The Canary Chat Group on Facebook

The Canary Chat Facebook Group. Help support and cameraderie for people with chemical sensitivity and their friends. And Angelique & Friends CommunityCanary Chat is my open Facebook group that provides help, support and camaraderie for canaries and their friends.

All questions are welcome, and no one is ever allowed to tell a fellow member to “Google it.” Some canaries are so ill that they can spend only a very short while on their computers, so I want Canary Chat to be a place where they can find quick, simple and easy-to-understand answers to their questions.

Other topics we can discuss are healthy cooking and adaptive fitness. I have celiac disease, so Canary Chat is a good place to talk about gluten-free cooking.

If you are a canary or canary friend who loves Facebook, you’ll want to join the Canary Chat group!


The ElloMCS Community on Ello

Image of a canary standing on the Ello logo. Text reads "The ElloMCS Community."ElloMCS is a community on a fantastic new social network that is a natural fit for canaries. Ello is an ad-free, spam-free place that never tracks your behavior on their website or on the Internet at large. You can sign up with whatever name you choose, and in the future they will have private groups and private messaging. All of this means that canaries don’t have to worry about who will be seeing the medical or personal information they share in Ello communities.

Ello is still in beta, which means it’s pretty bare and simple compared to Facebook, but it’s already optimized for large and beautiful photos and graphics.

Ello Communities are different than Facebook groups. Ello communities are collections of posts that are also on people’s personal accounts, so there are no community-only posts. (That will come later, when Ello starts groups.) Also, Ello communities are moderated, and we moderators have guidelines to follow when it comes to the posts we include in the communities. Rants that are allowed in Canary Chat would not be approved on Ello.

Anyone can view the ElloMCS community, but you have to join Ello to participate. Ello membership is by invitation, so if you’d like to join, email me at, tweet me as @afmarcom, or if you’re a member of my Canary Chat Facebook group, send me a message there.

I hope some of you will want to check Ello out!


Canary Chat Group Board on Pinterest

image of the canary chat pinterest boardIf you love Pinterest, you’ll want to follow the Canary Chat Group Pinterest Board. This board is created by and for canaries, and features non-toxic ideas for living, shopping and cooking, news about toxic chemicals, and inspiration for all canaries who have to fight the good fight every day! Click here for the group rules and information about joining.

If you’d like to see everything I pin about cooking, gardening, fashion and art, my Pinterest account is here.

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