Art of Writing

I haven’t started a specific Art of Writing community yet, but you can discuss writing with me during my weekly Twitter chat, #AskAngel. I also encourage you to join me as a member of the Facebook group Grotto Garden.

Click here to read articles I’ve written about writing, including some from my Tips for Aspiring Writers series.

Below is information about my editing and tutoring services.


Writing is an art, and you can enjoy it! Yes, you!

Are you a college student or business professional who finds the prospect of writing an essay, research paper, blog post or business report overwhelming? Do you dream of writing fiction, but fear you don’t have the skills? Do you need to learn to use social media effectively? Do you need help giving presentations and speaking in public? I can help!


photo of angelique teaching a social media class to a group of realtorsI’m a professional writer, editor, speaker and social media consultant, and I’m a creative and patient tutor, too! I’ve been writing and editing since 1986, when I completed my graduate degree in editing and publishing from Arizona State University.


Cover of Aging and Human Development magazineWhile at ASU, I edited two academic journals, one of which is to the right. I also have excellent research skills, which I first learned as a history major who graduated with honors from Michigan State. I have been doing research and writing for clients since 1986, and I can teach those skills to you!


angelique teaching a class about bloggingI have quite a bit of teaching and tutoring experience. Part of my job as an editor and as a marketing communications consultant is to help my clients understand the reasons for my suggestions, and to help them develop their own writing skills. I teach workshops and provide individual tutoring in social media and blogging.


Cover of Expression Magazine for Fall, 1989I have helped teens and adults develop their writing skills, and I can also I write, edit and teach both fiction and non-fiction. When I edited Expression, my creative writing magazine, I guided many young writers who went on to have their stories featured in larger publications. My daughter is an ASU student, and her peers have been complaining that it’s difficult to find good English and writing tutors. This inspired me to start tutoring those subjects.


Angelique of AFMArCom Art of WritingI know that college students and adults are very busy, and travel can be difficult and stressful. That’s why I tutor online! Generally a combination of Skype, live chat service, email and phone is very effective and easy to schedule. I look forward to hearing from you!