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photo of Angelique of A.F.MarCom marketing communications social media arizona tempe scottsdale phoenix mesaAngelique began her professional career as a freelance writer, editor and photographer. She received a degree in Editing and Publishing (the Scholarly Publishing Certificate) through the Graduate Public History Program at Arizona State University in 1988. While a graduate student at ASU, she was the Managing Editor of two academic journals: Aging & Human Development and Omega: Journal of Death and Dying.


cover of Expression magazineAfter graduation, she founded Expression, a journal of creative writing, illustration and photography. These were the days before the Internet and easy publicity, and yet she managed to distribute the magazine to forty bookstores in eight states, including the entire Border’s chain, which was just beginning to expand.




Angelique and Friends Entertainment LogoIn 1997 she founded Angelique & Friends Entertainment, an entertainment booking agency and event promotion company. A&F was one of the very first entertainment agencies on the Internet, and the company quickly expanded from local to regional to national as more and more clients wanted to find and book entertainers on line. Angelique designed the A&F website, updated it yearly, and handled all of the graphic design and search-engine-optimization (SEO) for the company.


The AF Entertainment YouTube PageAngelique utilized all the new methods of marketing, promotion and branding as they came along in order to promote her company and her entertainers. In the 90s she was very active as the owner and moderator of several large email discussion groups (the “grandfather” of social networking) and she still owns the Yahoo group “Belly-Dance,” the largest list of its kind in North America. In the 2000s she created a musician-to-musician hub on MySpace, which became a successful recruiting tool. As each promotional and networking tool was invented (You Tube, Blogger, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Ning) she joined, used and taught the use of them to her clients.


arrow that says 'today'Today Angelique writes and edits personal and business materials, creates WordPress/Thesis websites, develops marketing communications plans for companies and public figures, and tutors the subjects of writing, reading, and social media.


You can reach Angelique via email at info@afmarcom.com. She invites you to connect with her on Twitter and to follow the A.F.MarCom Facebook page.


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