Don’t be a Selfish Pinner

by Angelique on August 27, 2012

Antique french tiara with the caption: This is a French tiara from the 1900s. Would you keep this info in the caption?Some Pinterest users have sadly adopted the horrid practice of removing artist, merchant and location information from pins so their captions can be cryptically self-expressing, e.g. “blue,” or — and I hate this one with the blazing heat of a thousand suns — “yes, please.”


You don’t need to remove attributions, credits, or notices that an item is for sale in order to express your feelings about an image! Below are four examples from my own Pinterest boards, three of which contain my own comments. On the left are my own captions, which contain information I gathered from the people who pinned these items before me. On the right are examples of the selfish captions I saw after these graphics had been repinned from my boards. Click on any image to see a larger version in another browser window.


Right and wrong way to caption Opal and peridot pendant  by William Thomas Pavitt, c. 1905. on Pinterest - original graphic by Angelque/AFMarCom


Graphic showing the right and wrong way to caption this images on Pinterest. Caption says This is a door! It was photographed in Funchal, Madeira (off the coast of Morocco) Address: Rua de Santa Maria  n. 114. - original graphic by Angelique/AFMarcom


Graphic showing the right and wrong way to caption on Pinterest - Beautiful dragonfly watercolor by Sinclair Stratton - original graphic by Angelique/AFMarCom


Graphic showing the right and wrong way to caption on Pinterest - Silver beaded starfish sandals by Aspiga - original graphic by Angelique/AFMarCom


Remember — Pinterest is a public place, where you are displaying the art, photography and merchandise of real people. If you want to create your own private look-book, do it offline. If you’re sharing images in a public space, give credit to the people associated with the images.

P.S. Want to see my Pinterest boards? They’re here!



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