In Praise of Resolutions

by Angelique on December 31, 2010

This December has seen a spate of what Chris Guillebeau calls “resolution bashing.” From personal blogs to self-help advice outlets to major news organizations, scores of articles tell us that resolutions are worthless, a waste of time, self-defeating or even harmful to our psyche.

Then there are the people criticize the kinds of resolutions we make. You would think that this criticism would be aimed at very broad resolutions, e.g. “I’m going to make more money,” because they are harder to fulfill, but no, some of the critics target small, specific resolutions because they are “not important enough” or “not really resolutions.”

You know what I call the resolution-haters?

painting of ebenezer scrooge

If you’re also tired of having these scrooges rain on your resolution parade, here are some words of encouragement!

1. Coming up with resolutions allows you to brainstorm and dream. Brainstorming and dreaming are two excellent activities that we all should do more often.

2. Making resolutions helps you to plan out your year. You can’t resolve to exercise more without looking at your calendar to see when you can fit in a belly-dance class. (That one’s for you, Kimberly!) And you can’t resolve to get more clients without looking at upcoming networking events.

3. Resolutions are a snapshot of the things that are important to you right now. Whether you accomplish them or not, if you keep a record of them, you’re contributing the the historical record of your life.

4. Resolutions reveal patterns in your life. If you keep a record of your resolutions, you’ll see which kinds of resolutions you kept, and which fell by the wayside. Do you see some that fall by the wayside every year? Is it really your fault that you don’t fulfill them, or do they indicate trouble in another area of your life?

5. Sharing resolutions helps you to get closer to your friends and family. You share what’s important to you, and hopefully you even get to brainstorm and dream together!

So make those resolutions! And to all, a

Happy New Year!


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