Photoshop: Why I fix eyes with the paintbrush tool

by Angelique on June 2, 2010

Photoshop logo People know me as the consultant who helps newbies understand social networking, but I also help people to design or redesign anything that has to do with their image or personal brand, including their graphics. If you check my portfolio page, you’ll see examples of edits to profile photos. You’ll also see retouched vacation photos. Basically, I use a lot of Photoshop.

If you search for methods to remove glare from glasses, you’ll find many tutorials that instruct you in a multi-step process including the burn, dodge and blur tools.

However, I find I like a combination of quick selection, levels, paintbrush, smudge and blur. It’s less frustrating and I have more control.

Here’s a before and after. Click to see a larger image.

Before and after graduation photo

What I am doing is reconstructing the eye that was hidden beneath the glare. My method won’t work if you need an extreme close-up of the eye, but otherwise it works great! When working with the paintbrush tool, I am constantly changing the opacity and flow of the color and the strength of the smudge and blur, as well as the hardness of the brush.

I seem to use the quick selection tool to select new adjustment layers much more often than the people who write the tutorials.

Readers: If you edit photos, what are you favorite tools for uncovering eyes? What about for selecting hair so a person can be moved to a different background without suffering from Totally Fake Helmet Head (TFHH)?

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