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Big Changes are Happening at Angelique & Friends!

by Angelique on January 1, 2014

Fauvist painting of a waterfall by Ellen DittebrantSurprise!
Big changes are happening at Angelique & Friends!

For the past five years, I’ve helped lots of people learn how to promote their products and services online. I’ve also written and edited a lot of content for websites, ebooks and manuals. A.F.MarCom stood for “Angelique & Friends Marketing Communications.” My motto was, “If it’s related to words and how they’re arranged, I handle it.”

But times have changed, and so must I. People don’t need help learning how to navigate social networks the way they did in 2008. (Okay, a lot of them still need help, but they don’t want help, which amounts to the same thing.) So it’s time I moved on to something else.

“Angelique & Friends” predates “A.F.MarCom.” It also predates social media. It predates the Internet. Gee, I hope I didn’t scare my younger readers just now.

Originally I was a writer, an editor, and a belly-dancer. Soon I was also a dance troupe leader and an event producer. It wasn’t much of a stretch to become an entertainment agent.

In 2008, I took all the writing, graphics, web design, email, community management and social networking skills I used to build up Angelique & Friends Entertainment (1997 – 2008) and used them to create Angelique & Friends Marketing Communications.

In 2014, I’m going to take everything I learned as a marketing communications consultant and social media manager and apply it back to my own projects, which include blogs, chats, Facebook groups, a work of fiction, a work of non-fiction, and a potentially life-changing home addition. (How could a home addition be life-changing? I think my Canary friends can guess! ;)


A.F.MarCom is now A.F.M.ArCom:
Angelique & Friends Magical Artful Communities


#AskAngel, #CanaryChat and Green DreamHome are all communities that I run. I’ll also be revamping my old Angelique & Friends website as a place to publish the things that I write, as well as to highlight some of my entertainer and artist friends.

You can still hire me as an editor and writing tutor, and I’ll still make those cute little WordPress blogsites for entertainers, like this one for Sandybell Fitness.

So please enjoy all the articles I’ve written about marketing communications I’ve written over the past few years, and the ones I’m sure I will still write. Subscribe to my newsletter, follow my marketing communications Facebook page, and ask me ANYTHING on Twitter every Tuesday at 2pmET/11amPT during my #AskAngel chat.

See you on the web!



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